Become a volunteerEqualsign Foundation needs your full support to Become a volunteer. Your participation enables us to empower and educate thousands of less privileged children. There are many ways to support us and be a part of the Equalsign Foundation story.
Giving a charity fundraising site gives social entrepreneurship. They work to make an open and thriving place that connects that particular crowd who have world-changing innovative ideas. We take care of children and especially for their education. And also facilitate transparency and accountability from the management towards the donor. Similarly, you can easily help us by donating a small amount or sponsor a child through the website of Equalsign Foundation.

However, many places in our country are urban villages. This type of city has witnessed a stupendous grown over the last few years. Firstly, we say that with an increase in the population of high-income families, top national and international schools have opened their branches in the city. Secondly, children of these families are getting high-quality education in these schools that are comparable to anywhere else in the world. There is a lot of children in 4 to 14 age groups who are not even enrolled in any schools. These are the children of migrant workers – maids, drivers, rickshaw-pullers, vegetable sellers, construction workers, etc. Even if some of them do enroll in government schools, they have to face the problems regarding money and many more which they can’t afford. Those who can afford fees, get their children admitted to schools.

Become a volunteer

Equalsign Foundation encourages and invites volunteers to be an active part of our organization. And share the same purpose and vision to work for the welfare of children and their families. In conclusion, volunteers are the backbone of each and every NGO organization. Moreover, volunteers do not only carry the idea only, but they also spread the quality information to the society. Many volunteers serve their time and skills to the unforgettable experience of teaching and motivate the young minds of children. The participation of volunteers is greatly appreciated around their skills.

If you can then come and join us. Your participation will change many children’s lives. You can transform many lives at the individual level. If you’re interested to serve something then please fill the form below.