Who We Are

Top NGO for Education

We are the Top NGO for Education we have been actively involved in providing quality education for students that some or by other means are not able to afford quality education. The real reason why India is behind is because of the lack of quality education.

The major issue is the rampant illiteracy in India. Children aging between 11-14 are in maximum jeopardy of dropping out of schools. With an aim to transform lives of students, EqualSign foundation has started of their journey.

Moreover, we aim to strive for student’s equal education, equal opportunities and gender equality. EqualSign Foundation collects funds from numerous bodies that are willing to change lives of students with limited means and the whole amount is spent on students where it is most needed. Various campaigns and programs are conducted across India to help and improve the level of education that is being provided.

Similarly, we believe that one sector that needs to be given priority to, is the Education Sector and especially for the underprivileged ones. Good Education eventually ends up evolving good human beings. Proper Studies are must. We urge you donate as much as you can. There’s a huge difference between funds available and funds that we need. Do your bit. It won’t affect your living but it can definitely improve somebody else’s. With Excellent teachers and progressive methodologies, EqualSign Foundation is the organization to trust.

Education for All

We believe in maximizing resources and providing students with services that shall improve their living. Every child has the right to study and you can make that happen, just let us be the Medium.

In other words, we are constantly improving and shall continue to do this. Similarly, you can join Hands with us in shaping a better future. Equalsign Foundation is an NGO and we provide education to those children who can’t afford it.

Top NGO for Education

After that, simply we can say that education means, it ends to a better life. Quality education always empowers an individual and it also increases the thought process.
In other words, education is the strongest catalyst for the social revolution. It is the key that can help any social development. Education for every children has the power to bring revolution. However, Equalsign Foundation is one of the best leading children rights NGO’s that has many education-related programmers. Our aim is to ensure that every child reaches school and stays there.
The Equalsign Foundation is a non-profitable organization having a mission to build a huge network that empowers children to expand their potential and ability. Equalsign Foundation is one of the Top NGO for Education networks of public-private partnership India. We are here to expand our network and share our practices with children.

Most importantly, we support children to access their rights including the right to:

• Firstly, Basic education.
• Secondly, Proper care of health.
In conclusion, education is the most effective tools which we use to change the world in an effective manner. In a simple word, we say that education is directly proportional to the nation’s growth. That’s why Equalsign is focusing all its energy to serve quality education to everyone.

Join Our Team

Our Mission

To implement a growing social change that is focused on educating and empowering underprivileged children through advanced methodologies. We also want to make people take responsibility for the depriving education quality of these children.

Our Vision

Children having a happy and bright present with well-set future goals with their rights being protected and honored in the society making them equally eligible for every opportunity.

Our History

We have been an active organization since 2016 and have settled well. In just an amount of few years, we have been able to get some really good contributors that have helped us transform and provide students their prerogative right. EqualSign Foundations is the non-profit organization that only aims to provide quality education.